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Q1) What is PayUsPerLead?

PayUsPerLead is a lead generation platform by Infibeam Pvt Ltd (Please Check). The platform helps businesses in getting prospective clients without having to put any extra effort.

Q2) How do I get the leads?

Once you register and select one of our packages, we start generating leads for you according to the needs of your business. Once the lead is delivered to you, the money is deducted from the registration amount.

Q3) Is there any additional cost?

No, there is no additional cost. We only charge for a security deposit which is refundable. Once the deposit is made, we begin the lead generation process for you and the money is deducted from the deposit.

Q4) Can I withdraw my deposit?

Yes, you can withdraw the amount at any time you want. There is no lock-in period. The money is refunded to you after deducting the cost of leads generated and other processing expenses.

Q5) How is the quality of lead?

We deliver Raw and Refined Leads at different costs. The raw lead has more than 40 % chance of buying your product, while the refined lead has more than 70 % chances of becoming a buyer. The lead is generated based on the requirements of your business and goes through a number of manual and machine processes so that the quality is maintained.

Q6) Are my leads exclusive?

Yes, in 90% of the cases the leads are absolutely exclusive as they are generated keeping in mind the requirement of a particular business model.

Q7) How many leads will I receive in a month?

We cannot guarantee you a fixed number of leads every month because our vetting process is extremely nuanced which means there are chances that the number of leads delivered to you might vary from month to month. However, we ensure that the quality of leads delivered is maintained throughout.